Dolon LTD

Dolon allows you to download, process and analyse geological data in a real time directly from your web browser

Unlocking new opportunities, increasing efficiency and speeding up data processing - all this becomes a reality with OpenDolon. The world's first software that opens the door to the future of mining for skilled professionals
With Dolon, 4-5 professional working hours are reduced to a record-breaking 30 minutes.
Dolon ensures high accuracy in linking analytics results to relevant data, eliminating the possibility of errors and data misrepresentation. By reducing the amount of time spent on this task, you will free up time for other important tasks, increasing overall productivity and efficiency at the mine site.
With Dolon, a successful field season is stress-free and hassle-free. The Dolon system is a reliable assistant in collecting and organising exploration data. Now the chief geologist can control the whole process of data collection remotely, without the need to be on site.