Yope (by Salo App, Inc.)

Yope is your interactive memory diary, designed to rediscover your gallery's hidden gems and strengthen your friendships.

How Yope works:

1. Daily Notification:

Every day, Yope sends a friendly reminder to you and your friends.

2. Random Photo Selection:

Yope automatically selects nine random photos from your gallery, turning your memories into a daily treasure hunt.

3. Memory Mix-Up:

Feel the excitement as you shuffle through these photos, rediscovering long-lost gems and moments.

4. Pick and Share:

Select the memory that resonates with you most today and share it with your friends with just a tap.

5. Await Friends' Memories in Return:

Stay tuned for your friends' memories in return and their responses to your shared moment.

6. Interactive Diary:

Transform shared memories into lively conversations! Use video or audio messages to delve deep into the stories behind each memory.

Get ready to create an interactive diary like no other. Engage in meaningful conversations about the shared memory using video or audio messages to enrich the conversation.